A Film About Creationism, Noah's Ark, and America's Strange Relationship with Science


Young-earth creationists build an enormous, $120 million Noah’s Ark in rural Kentucky to prove the Bible is scientifically and historically accurate. Told through the eyes of three Kentuckians (Doug, who creates lifelike animals for the Ark; Dan, a geologist who blows the whistle on the Ark’s discriminatory hiring practices; and David, a former creationist who now blogs about the beliefs he used to hold), We Believe in Dinosaurs tells the story of the tension between science and religion in America.


"We Believe in Dinosaurs invites its audiences to think about big ideas, which is the best thing that can be said about any film." --- Washington City Paper

"An intriguing and unfortunately timely documentary.... The film captures a disturbing current in contemporary America." --- Hollywood Reporter

"Thought-provoking ... compelling and audience friendly. Brown and Long-Ross let us hear from both sides and let us connect our own dots." --- Movie Gourmet

"Often amusing, but never condescending ... this feature should attract interest from various exhibition channels. A smartly assembled package." --- Variety


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